VOC control and compliance in electronics manufacturing

May 14, 2020

An electronics manufacturing plant has several production lines on which soldering and conformal coating spraying is conducted. To comply with workplace health and safety requirements and to keep employees safe from potentially harmful VOC levels the IAQ-VTH 3 sensor kit is installed. Sensors are placed by the wave soldering machine, the SMT reflow oven and the conformal coating spray area. Installation is carried out by a local electrician in under 30 minutes.
IAQ Application

Real-time data on VOC levels in the workplace

Company management monitor live data from both desktop and mobile devices and study trends over time through graphing visualization and reporting. Line managers receive alarm notifications when VOC concentrations in factory air exceed safe levels. In response the monitoring hardware activates a warning light to alert staff of harmful VOC levels and switches on an additional fan to reduce harmful VOC levels quickly.

Use of IAQ data is basis for operational change

Data is stored in the Cloud for retrieval of records to satisfy compliance inspectors at any point. Historic data can be displayed to show time-of-day peaks in VOC levels and trends in VOC accumulation, empowering management to adjust operations to reduce or eradicate occurrences of harmful VOC events.

VOC metering kits keep things simple

Monitoring kits are available in 1, 3, 5 and 7 sensor options and are supplied with 30ft (10m) of cabling (Nimbus IoT/Zen IoT hardware sold separately). These are out-of-the-box ready allowing you to be up and running quickly. In this application the IAQ-3-SENSOR-KIT was deployed.
3 sensor kit for VOC monitoring

  • A –3x IAQ-VTH sensors with 15ft (5m) cabling terminating in RJ45 connector (sensor measures TVOC, temperature, relative humidity, dew point)
  • B –IAQ quick connector (triple)
  • C –15ft (5m) of cabling with gland. Gland creates weatherproof seal for enclosure if required. Cable has RJ45 connector at one ends and connector plugs for Nimbus IoT/Zen IoT at the other.
  • D –Nimbus IoT/Zen IoT Cloud Edge Interface *(sold separately)

As well as what’s in the box, users of the kits access Define Cloud Services to set alarms, visualize data real-time sensor reading and graph historic data for analysis.

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