Remote Tank Level Monitoring

May 4, 2018

Remote Tank Level MonitoringA South African manufacturer of mining explosives sought a more efficient way to monitor and log the levels of 20 storage tanks at their facility. The storage tanks ranged in capacity from 40 – 200 tonnes and contained substances with a Specific Gravity (SG) of 1.45.

The client needed to monitor and log 20 channels of level sensor data from the tanks to ensure on-site stock levels were maintained. When stock was low, operators needed to be notified and replenishment stock ordered.

Slow manual tank level monitoring system replaced

Previously the company’s tank monitoring system had consisted of the storage tank levels being manually logged, with the plant operator noting values and emailing them to the manufacturer’s head quarters.

The client naturally wanted more technological solution and remote tank level monitoring would allow remote access to the storage tank level data at any point.

The Solution for Remote Monitoring of Storage Tank Levels

Remote tank monitoring is a common application that is perfect for Define Instruments IoT product range. Popular applications include:

  • Oil tank monitoring
  • Propane tank monitoring
  • Water tank monitoring

Zen RTU Mini 4Zen IoT Edge GatewayThe products used in this application can be utilized for any of the above.

The Zen IoT Edge Gateway (16 channel model) connected to a Zen RTU mini (4 channel model) to accommodate a total of 20 channels.

Now connected to the IoT Cloud, data is shareable with other systems and or humans and can be accumulated and analyzed for improved working practices and efficiencies.

Bring machine health and production information to your fingers anywhere in the world!

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