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Deliver more value with Automated Consumable Replenishment

Service Replenishment

Knowing when a customer will need replenishment of your product is often based on best guessing consumption rates and levels. But what if your best guess leaves your customer without?

Fallout from disgruntled customers who are left waiting is a common occurrence. More importantly, so is customer attrition – those customers who decide to leave you after being left without, one too many times. Your customers will be delighted that replenishment is automatic and completed before they even become aware that they’re running low.

Seamless Supply

For your customer, seamless supply means an uninterrupted service of replenishment, exactly when it is needed, with none of the consequences of a “run-to-empty” scenario. Customers perceive your company as providing far greater value than competitors as they simply don’t have to lift a finger – it just works.

For your customer, seamless supply means an uninterrupted service of replenishment, exactly when it is needed, with none of the consequences of a “run-to-empty” scenario.

Minimum inventory

For you, accurate forecasting of your customers needs and pre-emptive replenishment means:

  • No capital tied up in bloated inventory.
  • Lower costs of warehouse storage.
  • Leaner, more agile supply operations.

The new gold standard in customer service

Define IoT integrates with your ERP and CRM software so when a customer is running low:

  • Your service team are alerted.
  • Your customer’s replenishment needs are identified.
  • A delivery is scheduled and likely dispatched before your customer even knows to make a replenishment request.

One connected solution

Define Instruments Automated Consumable Replenishment solution uses innovative IIoT sensors, cloud-based analytics and status visualization to monitor consumable consumption rates.

It automatically reorders supplies such as process water, detergent, disinfectant, lubricants, agrichemicals, fuels and gases when required.

Define’s plug-in modular solution easily adapts existing commercial installations and appliances and does not require new process equipment to be purchased.

Commercial appliance manufacturers are able to easily incorporate automated replenishment into their offerings, while maintaining the freedom to choose partners for consumable fulfillment, delivery and payment.

Commercial laundry care industry example

Define Instruments automated consumable replenishment system saves customers valuable time on ordering laundry detergent, water softener and fabric treatment supplies.

The cloud interface and data-driven analytics allows laundry customers and consumable suppliers to analyze and understand their consumption habits.

It completely automates reordering of consumables ensuring uninterrupted operation and service performance.

Mosquito control for domestic or commercial exterior spaces

Erradicating mosquitos from outdoor spaces by controlling misting systems, the Define IIoT automated delivery and replenishment system delivers vector control on demand or on a timed sequence.

Mosquito control chemical consumption and spray delivery system performance is continuously monitored by Define IIoT sensors ensuring that guests enjoy a reliably mosquito-free outdoor social environment.

Remote monitoring of assets provides value in the short term and helps develop a strong analytical strategy going forward.

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Operational Oversight

Harness Meaningful Data

Predict and Plan

Collect operational data from every machine for deeper insights into the workings of your business.

Identify dead spots, inefficiencies, and untapped opportunities in your value chain.

With data insights you can achieve greater productivity, planning and growth.