Solution application & How-to videos

Device, Cloud and Dashboard setup

Configure your Define Instruments IoT device, create your Define.Live account and visualize your data with widgets.

Duration: 9:27

IoT Device setup with WorkBench software

Set up your Nimbus IoT or Zen IoT device with WorkBench software.

Duration: 3:46

Connecting to Define Cloud Services (DCS)

Duration: 1:34

Using Workbench to connect your Define Instruments IoT device to Define Cloud Services.

Activating user accounts for Define Cloud Services (DCS)

Duration: 2:01

Define.Live user account invitation and activation for using Define Cloud Services (DCS).

Visualizing your data

Duration: 2:27

Building a dashboard of widgets to display your data in a meaningful way.

Setting Up Alarms

Duration: 3:45

Setting alarm notifications for individuals inside Define Cloud Services (DCS).

Generating Reports

Duration: 1:03

How to generate reports from your sensor data inside the Define Cloud Services dashboard.

Customer and device management

Duration: 2:53

Managing customers, customer groups and devices from your Define.Live account.

Getting sensor signals over distance with the ZEN-16

Duration: 1:20

A gold mine needs to get signals from a water treatment plant 2km away, back to a PLC in the control room at the mine’s main site.

Transmit signals wirelessly up to 2.5 miles with Twin Link

Duration: 1:15

A hilltop reservoir needs to maintain a consistent water level by communicating with a pump station at the base of the hill.

Browse our archive of product overview webinars. Each presentation includes an overview of the product, its key benefits and example applications.

Zen RTU Webinar 7/8/16

Duration: 7:10
Presented by: Roy Mulder

Introductory overview and setup tutorial for the Zen RTU – a 16 channel remote terminal unit designed for use with PLCs and SCADA systems.
This webinar provides an overview of the Twin Link – a wireless point-to-point solution to the problem of transmitting signals over distance without running costly cables. The presentation includes application examples and a software setup demonstration.

Simulation Mode Webinar 4/19/2016

Duration: 8:22
Presented by: Dylan Green

Define Instruments software developer Dylan Green demonstrates the new ‘Simulation Mode’ feature – now available for both Define ToolBox and Define WorkBench.

Sentry Trip Amplifier Webinar 3/23/16

Duration: 31:16
Presented by: David Mulder

Learn more about this trip amplifier in this webinar

Merlin Panel Meter Webinar 2/19/16

Duration: 24:21
Presented by: David Mulder

Learn more about this digital indicator in this webinar