Multicom Driver Configurator

Configuration of Multicom Universal USB Converter

The easy to use Multicom Configurator is a super-simple program with built-in driver, designed to configure your Multicom unit for converting from RS232 to RS485/422. It can also be used to check the COM port number after connecting the Multicom converter to your computer.

This program includes a driver which must be installed in order for the Multicom to communicate with your PC.
Because of this, you must install the program, even if you do not need it to set up RS232 to RS485/422 conversion.

Version 1.1.0 (Nov 1, 2011, 4MB)


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General Specifications

Skill level Suitable for all users. Easy to install and use.

Current version V1.1.0 (Last updated 01-Nov-2011)

System Requirements

Operating system Windows XP/Vista/7

Platform Requires the .NET framework (pre-installed on most computers – the installer will prompt you if .NET 2.0 is not detected on your computer). Download .NET 2.0

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