Download free product configuration software

We offer a range of FREE software to configure our products. Our software development team is committed to delivering applications that are:


Easy to use.


Designed for a clean and uncluttered user-experience.


Inclusive of all of the features you need – plus clever extras you’ll love.

Define WorkBenchDefine WorkBench

Simple software to program your Zen series or edge processing device

Use Define WorkBench to simulate, configure and view data for all Zen series control stations and Nimbus IoT Gateways, including:

With a user-friendly, uncluttered design, WorkBench offers a simple interface for setting up and scaling your unit, as well as retrieving and graphing your datalog.

N.B. Version 3 features Simulation Mode and is only compatible with legacy ZEN-16 firmware 2.0.0 and later.

Define WorkBench

Define WorkBenchDefine ToolBox

Smart, simple software to program your non-Zen series products

Use Define ToolBox software to program your non-Zen series product via your PC. It configures:

ToolBox offers a simple interface for connecting to your compatible device, and a range of flexible configuration options, including an extensive library of pre-calibrated ranges and linearization tables for advanced scaling.

Define ToolBox Configuration Software

Define CodeLabDefine CodeLab

Flexible macro programming of your Zen series device

Define CodeLab enables you to write and compile a macro using the BASIC programming language, for fully flexible programming of your Zen series device. CodeLab is compatible with all Zen devices, including:

Define CodeLab

Multicom ConfiguratorMulticom Driver & Configurator

Configuration of Multicom Universal USB Converter

The easy to use Multicom Configurator is a super-simple program with built-in driver, designed to configure your Multicom unit for converting from RS232 to RS485/422.

Multicom Configurator