TM-2HL Head Mount RTD Transmitter

TM-2HL in Temperature Probe

TM-2HL Head Mount RTD Transmitter

RTD Input, 4-20mA Output, Designed for Temperature Probes

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What it does

The TM-2HL accepts a temperature RTD input signal and outputs a 4-20mA signal.
The TM-2HL is a DIN B style head mount transmitter that accepts a 2-wire or 3-wire PT100/1000 input signal, and converts it to an industry standard 4–20mA output.

Low cost, high accuracy 0.03%




Loop powered


Fast, hassle-free USB programming using Define ToolBox


Enhanced EMC specifications

Easy USB programming using Define ToolBox


No power supply or calibrator required


Uses the universal USB Bridge Key (sold separately) for PC connection

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Bridge Key Required!

In addition to this software a Bridge Key is required for the configuration of this product.

You must order one unless you already have one from a previous product purchase.



Power supply: 9.5-36V DC

Supply voltage sensitivity: < ±0.005%/V FSO

General Specifications

Accurate to: <±0.03% FSO typical

Ambient drift: <±0.003%/°C FSO typical

Noise immunity: 125dB CMRR average (2.0kV DC limit)

RF immunity: <1% eff ect FSO typical

Response time: 400msec typical (10–90% 300msec typical)

RTD Input

RTD input type: PT100 or PT1000 DIN 3-wire type (2-wire can be used with off set calibration)

Lead wire resistance: PT100: 10Ω/wire max. Pt1000: 5Ω/wire max 0.02% FSO off set error per Ω of lead resistance

Sensor current: 0.15mA nominal

Sensor break output drive: Function high upscale/low downscale

Accuracy: ≤ 0.3°C

USB programmable zero: 0–±99% of the span

USB programmable span: –328 to 1562°F (–200 to 850°C)

Linearity (PT100): 0.02% FSO for span inputs ≤200°C. 0.1% FSO for span inputs ≤850°C

Linearity (PT1000): 0.02% FSO for span inputs ≤200°C. 0.2% FSO for span inputs ≤520°C

Analog Output (Retransmission)

Analog output type: 4-20mA (loop powered)

Output load resistance: 700Ω at 24V DC (50Ω/V above 9.5V DC)

Max output current: Limited to <28mA (Emission & immunity)


Define ToolBox: Simple programming using Define ToolBox (requires Bridge Key, sold separately)


Casing: In head mount, designed for temperature probes

Dimensions (H x W x D): 0.91 x 1.73 x 1.73″ (23 x 44 x 44mm)

Environmental Conditions

Operating temperature: –4 to 149°F (–20 to 65°C)

Storage temperature: –4 to 212°F (–20 to 100°C)

Operating humidity: 5–85%RH max (non-condensing)

Certifications & Compliances

EMC: Emissions (EN 61326). Immunity 61326). Safety (EN 61010-1)


TM-2HL Manual 16V10, 21-Dec-2016 | (105 KB)
TM-2HL Manual 2009-2016 15V09, 08-Oct-2015 | (149 KB)


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