PRO-WEI100 Loadcell Controller

PRO-WEI100 Loadcell Controller

PRO-WEI100 Loadcell Controller

4/6 Wire Strain Gauge, 1-5mV/V, 6-digit Panel Meter/Controller

Additional information

Weight 0.858 kg
Dimensions 11.8 × 16.9 × 5.9 cm
Power Supply

– 85-265V AC / 95-370V DC (HV)
– 15-48V AC / 10-72V DC (LV)

Relay Output

– None
– 2x Relay Outputs
– 4x Relay Outputs

Analog Output

– None
– 1x 4-20mA / 0-10V

Serial Port

– None
– 1x RS232 (RJ Terminal)
– 1x RS485 (Screw Terminal)

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What it does

Accepts and displays load cell/strain gauge input. Offers relay output for alarming plus optional serial communications and analog output. Supplies excitation.

This intelligent, fully featured load cell meter and controller has an advanced batching system that is designed to suit a variety of industrial weighing requirements. It can be configured for either filling or emptying applications, and maintains the gross weight in the background while simultaneously monitoring and controlling the batch weight.

At a glance:

  • 4-wire or 6-wire strain gauge, 1-5mV/V
  • Optional advanced batching functions for filling/emptying applications
  • Customisable front panel button and rear input pins
  • Gross/batch weight measurement
  • Zero offset
  • Automatic zero maintenance
  • Signal averaging
5 Year WarrantyRCM E2180CE
5 Year WarrantyRCM E2180CE



Input signal: 4-wire or 6-wire strain gauge, 1-5mV/V

Excitation: 5V DC, supplied by controller (powers up to 8 x 350Ω loadcells)

Sampling rate: up to 60Hz

Resolution: 18 bit

Accuracy: 0.005% of reading

Ambient drift: 3ppm/°C typical

Calibration: Factory calibrated and set up for 0–10,000 counts (2mV/V sensor gain at full scale). Simple recalibration using auto (zero and span values), mV/V or zero offset.


Power supply: High voltage 85–265V AC / 95–370V DC, or Low voltage 15–48V AC / 10–72V DC


Security: Input and setpoint setups are independently accessible and PIN protected

Relay Output

Number of relay outputs: None, 2 or 4

Relay output type: 5A form A (3A 240V AC max or 3A 30V DC max)

Analog Output (Retransmission)

Number of analog outputs: None or 1

Analog output type: Isolated 16 bit 4–20mA/0–10V

Comm Port(s)

Number of comm ports: None or 1

Serial port configuration: 1 x isolated RS232 or RS485 (optional)


Front panel buttons: Up, Down, P (Prog/Enter), plus 2x Function Buttons for menu access


Display type: LED display, 5 buttons

LED indicators: 4 x setpoint indicator LEDs, 1 x NET indicator LED

Digits: 1 x 6 digit 0.5″ (13mm), 14 segment alphanumeric LED


Casing: Panel mount case

Ingress protection rating: IP65 dust/ splash proof (face only)

Dimensions (H x W x D): 1.9 x 3.8 x 4.7″ (48 x 96 x 120mm)

Cutout area: 1.79 x 3.64″ (45.5 x 92.5mm)


PRO-WEI100 Manual 19V01, 06-Mar-2019 | (11111 KB)
PRO-WEI100 Datasheet 13V01, 12-Nov-2013 | (122 KB)

Order Codes


-HV 85-265V AC / 95-370V DC
-LV 15-48V AC / 10-72V DC
Relay Output (Optional)
-R2 2 x relay outputs
-R4 4 x relay outputs
Analog Output
-A 1 x 4-20mA/0-10V analog output
-S2R 1 x RS232 serial port (RJ11 terminal)
-S4S 1 x RS485 serial port (screw terminal)
Sample order codes: PRO-WEI100-HV, PRO-WEI100-HV-A-S2R, PRO-WEI100-HV-A-S4S, PRO-WEI100-HV-R2, PRO-WEI100-HV-R2-A, PRO-WEI100-HV-R2-A-S2R, PRO-WEI100-HV-R2-A-S4S, PRO-WEI100-HV-R2-S2R, PRO-WEI100-HV-R2-S4S, PRO-WEI100-HV-R4, PRO-WEI100-HV-R4-A, PRO-WEI100-HV-R4-A-S2R, PRO-WEI100-HV-R4-A-S4S, PRO-WEI100-HV-R4-S2R, PRO-WEI100-HV-R4-S4S, PRO-WEI100-HV-S2R, PRO-WEI100-HV-S4S, PRO-WEI100-LV, PRO-WEI100-LV-A-S2R, PRO-WEI100-LV-A-S4S, PRO-WEI100-LV-R2, PRO-WEI100-LV-R2-A, PRO-WEI100-LV-R2-A-S2R, PRO-WEI100-LV-R2-A-S4S, PRO-WEI100-LV-R2-S2R, PRO-WEI100-LV-R2-S4S, PRO-WEI100-LV-R4, PRO-WEI100-LV-R4-A, PRO-WEI100-LV-R4-A-S2R, PRO-WEI100-LV-R4-A-S4S, PRO-WEI100-LV-R4-S2R, PRO-WEI100-LV-R4-S4S, PRO-WEI100-LV-S2R, PRO-WEI100-LV-S4S

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