RIO-MOD-RTU Relay I/O with Modbus/RTU

RIO-MOD-RTU Relay I/O with Modbus/RTU

RIO-MOD-RTU Relay I/O with Modbus/RTU

For Direct Connection to Modbus Master PLC’s and SCADA Systems

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What it does

The RIO-MOD-RTU is a Modbus Slave device which can be used as an RTU for any Modbus system. It is ideal for direct connection to Modbus Master PLC’s or SCADA systems.

The RIO-MOD-RTU is capable of providing 16 isolated relay outputs and 16 digital inputs. 32 indicator LED’s are conveniently placed on the unit, ideal for commissioning and fault finding.

5 Year WarrantyRCM E2180CE
5 Year WarrantyRCM E2180CE



Power supply: 24V DC ±15%


Modbus type: RTU slave device

Slave addresses: Up to 15 hardware selectable slave addresses, and 1 software selectable slave address

Baud rate: 9600, 19200, 38400 or 115200 baud (hardware selectable)

Parity: None or even (hardware selectable)

Data bits: 8

Stop bits: 1

Supported Modbus function codes:

1 – Read single coils

2 – Read single discrete inputs

3 – Read holding register

4 – read input register

5 – Force single coil

6 – Write single holding register

15 – Force multiple coils

16 – Write multiple holding register

Digital I/O

Digital inputs: 16 selectable digital inputs, Input type select NPN (sink) or PNP (source). 1kHz Input sample rate. Input voltage 5–24V.

Digital outputs: 16 isolated relay outputs, Change over Form C (10A 250V AC or 10A 30V DC), 1kHz scan rate. Software selectable relay state. Relay auto shutoff feature.


Casing: 35mm DIN rail case

Dimensions (H x W x D): 2.3 x 10.0 x 5.7″ (59 x 255 x 144mm), with plugs in

LED indication: On each relay output and digital input channel


RIO-MOD-RTU Manual 15V02, 09-Oct-2015 | (1321 KB)

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