SLIM-2I 4-20mA Isolator

SLIM-2I 4-20mA Isolator

2 Channels, Loop Powered Output, Din Rail Mounting, Ultra-Slim (0.5″) Case

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What it does

This loop powered isolator accepts a 4–20mA process current inputs, and provides 4–20mA loop powered output signals.
The SLIM-2I is ideal for measuring signals commonly produced by position, acceleration, current, and a vast range of other industrial sensors, and offers a low cost isolation solution with top-of-the-line specs.

At a glance:

  • 2 x 4–20mA DC input
  • 2 x 4–20mA DC output (loop powered)
  • Lightning fast 2msec response time
    Ensures accurate measurement of rapidly changing signals
  • No fuss installation No DIP switches, no calibration, simple wiring
  • High accuracy – better than 0.05%!
  • Superior noise resistance Designed for stable, accurate performance, even in noisy environments, with excellent resistance to electromagnetic interference
  • 2 isolated channels in a compact 0.5″ case

Input & output protection

Along with high speed, accuracy and stability, it also offers input and output protection for polarity and inadvertent connection to 30V DC. With 2 independent channels which are isolated up to 2.5kV, your control system will be protected from transients and noise:


No more signal cross talk


No more ground loops


DC/AC common mode voltage rejection


Over range protection



Input signal: 4–20mA DC (2 channels)

Accuracy: <0.05% of span

Compliance voltage: 5V max


Power supply: 6.5–28V external power supply

General Specifications

Ambient drift: <0.01% of span/°C

Isolation test voltage: 2500V RMS

RF immunity: <0.5%

Response time: <2msec (0-90%, 100-10%)

Working isolation voltage: 300V AC

Linearity & repeatability: <0.03% of span


Current protection: By PTC

Analog Output (Retransmission)

Number of analog outputs: 2

Analog output type: Loop powered output 4-20mA DC, load resistance 875Ω at 24V DC


Casing: 35mm DIN rail mounting slim case

Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.54 x 0.49 x 4.41″ (90 x 12.5 x 112mm)

Environmental Conditions

Storage temperature: –4 to 185°F (–20 to 85°C)

Specification range: –4 to 158°F (–20 to 70°C)

Calibration temperature: 68–82°F (20–28°C)

Operating humidity: 5–85%RH max (non-condensing)

Certifications & Compliances

EMC: Emissions (EN 61326-1). Immunity (EN 61326-1). Safety (EN 61010-1)


SLIM 4-20mA Isolator Series Manual 24V04, 23-May-2024 | (244 KB)
SLIM 4-20mA Loop Powered Isolators Brochure 24V03, 23-May-2024 | (174 KB)
SLIM 4-20mA Loop Powered Isolators Datasheet 24V03, 23-May-2024 | (199 KB)

Order Codes


Number of Channels
SLIM-1I 1 x channel
SLIM-2I 2 x channels
SLIM-3I 3 x channels
SLIM-4I 4 x channels
SLIM-5I 5 x channels

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