SLIM-1I 4-20mA Isolator

SLIM-1I 4-20mA Isolator

1 Channel, Loop Powered Output, Din Rail Mounting, Ultra-Slim (0.5″) Case

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What it does

This loop powered isolator accepts a 4–20mA process current inputs and provides a 4–20mA loop powered output signal.
The SLIM-1I is ideal for measuring signals commonly produced by position, acceleration, current, and a vast range of other industrial sensors, and offers a low cost isolation solution with top-of-the-line specs.

At a glance:

  • 4–20mA DC input
  • 4–20mA DC output (loop powered)
  • Lightning fast 2msec response time Ensures accurate measurement of rapidly changing signals
  • No fuss installation No DIP switches, no calibration, simple wiring
  • High accuracy – better than 0.05%!
  • Superior noise resistance Designed for stable, accurate performance, even in noisy environments, with excellent resistance to electromagnetic interference
  • Compact 0.5″ case

Input & output protection

Along with high speed, accuracy and stability, it also offers input and output protection for polarity and inadvertent connection to 30V DC. With isolation up to 2.5kV, your control system will be protected from transients and noise:


No more signal cross talk


No more ground loops


DC/AC common mode voltage rejection


Over range protection



Input signal: 4–20mA DC (1 channel)

Accuracy: <0.05% of span

Compliance voltage: 5V max


Power supply: 6.5–28V external power supply

General Specifications

Ambient drift: <0.01% of

Isolation test voltage: 2500V RMS

RF immunity: <0.5% of

Response time: <2ms (0-90%,

Working isolation voltage: 300V AC

Linearity & repeatability: <0.03% of span


Current protection: By PTC

Analog Output (Retransmission)

Number of analog outputs: 1

Analog output type: Loop powered output 4-20mA DC, load resistance 875Ω at 24V DC


Casing: 35mm DIN rail mounting slim case

Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.54 x 0.49 x 4.41″(90 x 12.5 x 112mm)

Environmental Conditions

Storage temperature: –4 to 185°F (–20 to 85°C)

Specification range: –4 to 158°F (–20 to 70°C)

Calibration temperature: 68–82°F (20–28°C)

Operating humidity: 5–85%RH max (non-condensing)

Certifications & Compliances

EMC: Emissions (EN 61326-1). Immunity (EN 61326-1). Safety (EN 61010-1)


SLIM 4-20mA Isolator Series Manual 24V04, 23-May-2024 | (244 KB)
SLIM 4-20mA Loop Powered Isolators Brochure 24V03, 23-May-2024 | (174 KB)
SLIM 4-20mA Loop Powered Isolators Datasheet 24V03, 23-May-2024 | (199 KB)

Order Codes


Number of Channels
SLIM-1I 1 x channel
SLIM-2I 2 x channels
SLIM-3I 3 x channels
SLIM-4I 4 x channels
SLIM-5I 5 x channels

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