Harness loT data to reveal vital business insights

Use Define machine monitoring solutions to improve productivity and performance

How-to Guides: Videos

Device, Cloud and Dashboard setup

The entire set-up process from configuring your Define Instruments IoT device to creating your Define.Live account through to visualizing your data with widgets on the Define Dashboard.

Configuring your IoT device with Work Bench

Set up your Nimbus IoT or Zen IoT device with Work Bench software.

Connecting to Define Cloud Services (DCS)

Using Workbench to connect your device to Define Cloud Services.

Activating user accounts

Define.Live user account invitation and activation.

Visualizing your data

Building a dashboard of widgets to display your data in a meaningful way.

Configuring Alarms

Setting alarm notifications for individuals.

Generating reports

Exporting data from the dashboard.

Distributor set up

How to manage customer accounts and devices as a distributor.

Achieve operational excellence with Define IIoT

Predictive maintenance

Service replenishment

Energy consumption monitoring

Predictive maintenance analytics captures the state of industrial equipment so you can identify potential breakdowns before they impact production, preventing lost revenue and production downtime.

Deliver exceptional customer service by providing seamless supply of consumables delivered exactly when they are needed. Automate expensive service industry operations with Define service replenishment supply solutions.

Energy cost has become a significant factor impacting business profitability, Define Engery Insights helps reduce energy consumption while maintaining productivity and performance.