Reduce the impact of rising energy costs

Monitor plant energy consumption to keep costs under control

Energy consumption monitoring

Energy costs have been steadily rising for the past decade driven by an exponential demand increase over this same period. So much so that energy has become a significant operational cost. Facility managers, finance managers and senior executives are all seeking ways to reduce their energy costs by identifying more energy efficient business methods.

Define Energy Insights delivers Cloud-based energy monitoring and analysis by collating field device data into a single platform in real-time. The data is stored in the Cloud and can be manipulated with online software tools to assist operators to make data driven decisions.

Delivering actionable insights

Energy costs are related to an array of complex variables. Managing and optimization energy consumption requires a dynamic and adaptive approach – Define Energy Insights™ provides the tools you need by:

  • Collecting and analyzing energy meter consumption data.
  • Estimating the impact of energy savings actions; such as improving lighting efficiency, using heat recovery systems, implementing demand driven control of equipment.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of energy cost saving initiatives and investments through analyzing energy consumption trend data.
Remote monitoring of assets provides value in the short term and helps develop a strong analytical strategy going forward.

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