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IoT Solutions

What is the IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects real world sensors, devices and signals to the internet, enabling you to analyze and visualize information from a variety sources to help increase operational productivity, efficiency, visibility and safety.

The cost of connecting things to the internet continues to decrease as more devices are being used to capture data for IoT based systems.

The range of IoT applications is wide, including: consumer and commercial appliances, security systems, energy metering, traffic flow, logistics tracking, industrial process and manufacturing equipment.

What is Industrial IoT?

Industrial IoT (IIoT) bridges the gap between legacy industrial equipment, infrastructure with technologies such as AI, machine learning, cloud, mobile, and edge computing. By connecting equipment to the IIoT, you are able achieve a cohesive, real-time overview of the state of all equipment and processes in your business, wherever they are located.

Why Define Instruments IIoT solutions

Define’s integrated IIoT solutions collect, aggregate and provide secure access to your operational data. These solutions include: industrial I/O interfaces, cloud edge data concentrators and multi-platform mobile and desktop visualization.

Evolving with IIoT publish/subscribe messaging protocols, Define IIoT solutions include preventative maintenance, energy monitoring, product lifecycle insights, and production optimization which lets you have the benefits of IoT connectivity without losing the reliability of Cloud edge processing.

Improve operational visibility and efficiency

IIoT is revolutionizing manufacturing. Connecting assets to provide complete operational visibility enabling real-time decision making is helping improve levels of quality and efficiency, as well as making new service opportunities possible.

Smart data pre-processing

Transforming large amounts of raw I/O signal data into useful information can be a challenging task. I/O signal data pre-processing helps filter, concentrate and aggregate raw data to suit the requirements of your application, saving data link and cloud server storage capacity without cost.

Additional programming is not required, Define Workbench™ software includes easy to use functions to quickly complete data aggregation and transfer optimization.

Define Instruments hardware supports a range of legacy automation communication protocols that makes older equipment more functional and simplifies IIoT interface and connection.

Define AWS IoT

Define Instruments partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS-IoT), a managed cloud platform Define’s solution lets you connect devices easily to securely interact with cloud applications and other devices. Learn more in this video.

How the IIoT can help your business?

By getting your equipment connected to the IIoT, you can measure and track vital metrics within your operations. This data can be visualized in a meaningful way to assist your team in refining and improving the efficiency your operations.

With your equipment connected, you gain visibility on the location and state of each machine providing valuable insights in to how your operations are running and how they can be improved. By remotely monitoring machinery, real-time information is available to you. Use it to identify potential component failures, schedule replenishment of consumables, and monitor energy consumption while reducing costs.

Remote monitoring of assets provides value in the short term and helps develop a strong analytical strategy going forward.

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Achieve operational excellence with Define IIoT

Predictive maintenance

Service replenishment

Energy consumption monitoring

Predictive maintenance analytics captures the state of industrial equipment so you can identify potential breakdowns before they impact production, preventing lost revenue and production downtime.

Deliver exceptional customer service by providing seamless supply of consumables delivered exactly when they are needed. Automate expensive service industry operations with Define service replenishment supply solutions.

Energy cost has become a significant factor impacting business profitability, Define Engery Insights helps reduce energy consumption while maintaining productivity and performance.