Water Tank Level Monitoring System

May 14, 2018

The owner of an industrial facility needed to remotely monitor the water level of a large holding tank. The main issue was that the water tank was quite some distance away from the main control room. The client did not wish to consider a wired solution due to it’s cost and limitations and so requested help with a remote tank level monitoring system.

The solution for Water Tank Level Monitoring

The Twin Link point-to-point wireless analog signal transmitter/receiver was specced as the solution. Used in conjunction with the Merlin digital indicator, the solution was configured to transmit the signal from the level sensor inside the water tank to both the panel meter and as an alarm output to a warning light.
Remote Water Level Monitoring

This provided “at a glance” convenience from the control room plus the programmatic response when water levels fell outside the parameters set by the client.

Hardware used in this remote water tank monitoring application


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