Stop Rollers Overheating in Conveyor Belts

May 7, 2018

Conveyor BeltConveyor belt systems are the most common means of transporting materials around industrial sites such as power plants, mining works, factories and production lines. Belt conveyors are a vital part of the continuous and ongoing output of an industrial production business and as such any issues with them may lead to delivery delays, line shutdowns, reduced profitability and other major headaches.

Overheated Rollers cause conveyor fires

Factory FireOverheated rollers are highly dangerous and are the number 1 cause of fires in belt conveyors, due to bearings running hot and becoming the ignition source. Therefore the monitoring of roller bearings and the prevention of the bearings exceeding safe temperatures is essential.

Even a small conveyor belt of 150m can be comprised of up to 450 rollers and 50 return rollers making guaranteeing their operation under reasonable and safe conditions, a significant challenge.

Our client had a conveyor belt drive system for moving boxes along inside a factory. In the past the client has had issues with overheating roller bearings and was motivated to seek out Define Instruments for a solution.

The solution for conveyer belt roller bearing health

Nimbus Smart Relay with IIoT InterfaceThe Define Nimbus Smart Relay with IIoT Interface was specced for this application

  • Built-in temperature sensor to monitor the overheating of roller bearings
  • Vibration analysis provides specific information on mechanical and electrical faults
  • Measures the current of the motor and monitors for any spikes – a popular way to enhance system performance

Get the datasheet for the Nimbus Smart Relay with IoT interface

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