Prevent Food Processing Machinery Maintenance Neglect

May 8, 2018

Snack MachineOur client is one of the biggest food processing machine manufacturers in the United States building best-in-class nut roasters, popcorn poppers and equipment for milling and peanut blanching.

These top of the line processing machines are significant investments and are complex machines with many moving parts. They naturally require regular maintenance for optimum performance.

Customer oversights lead to expensive replacements

The machines come with a 2 year warranty on all parts. However, a significant issue for this client is that a percentage of their customers are negligent in their care and maintenance of the processing machinery. And when it fails, the customers demand a free replacement machine due to the obligation in the warranty agreement.

Typically scenarios are blown engines due to lack of liquid coolant top-ups or internal block damage and subsequent failure attributed to poor oil quality.

This is an expensive and unnecessary process for the company to have to action. The company representatives were keen to address this and came to Define Instruments for a solution.

The solution for food processing machinery

Zen IoT Gateway Edge Processing DeviceDefine’s Zen IoT Gateway with built-in modem.

The Define Instrument’s Zen IoT gateway solution includes a World SIM card ensuring readings are available in real time on your PC, tablet or mobile devices.

Sensors are placed in the machine to measure:

  • Oil quality
  • Engine Temperatures
  • Machine casing vibration
  • Machine temperature

With the sensors connected to the Zen IoT Gateway, the unit can perform Edge Analysis on the incoming data and respond accordingly e.g. to sound an alarm and notify a technician when engine parts begin to overheat. Data is then published to the Cloud.

Vibration analysis from this data will provide specific information on mechanical and electrical faults. Specifically designed algorithms are available to provide detection of power and mechanical looseness.

The Zen IoT Cloud Edge Gateway is also capable of connecting to CRM’s such as SalesForce, Zoho etc. so when a part in the machine is due for replacement, the client’s sales people can be notified to contact the customer to arrange this.

Get the datasheet for the Zen IoT Cloud Edge Gateway

Bring machine health and production information to your fingers anywhere in the world!

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